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Take control of your battery supply chain


The battery supply chain is one of the most complex and high risk, with multiple players from miner to manufacturer to car maker spread out across the globe.


Infyos is the one-stop solution to help battery supply chain players understand, manage and improve supply chain resilience and sustainability.

Infyos helps leading supply chain players - from battery makers to car makers to renewable infrastructure providers - overcome the challenge of opaque and high-risk supply chains through visibility, risk identification and effective action on the ground.




Build visibility where it matters

Proper management of critical supply chains is essential to every battery business. Go beyond standard procurement policies to gain visibility into the materials and suppliers across your supply chain, from mine to battery to end of life. Intelligently assess supply chain impact and risks at the right depth for your company goals, customer needs and product strategy.

Use supply chain sustainability and resilience as a market differentiator

Don’t get caught up in sustainability buzzwords. Develop a realistic strategy for measuring, managing and reporting across your supply chain. Work collaboratively with the supply chain ecosystem to measure impact and implement improvements to supply chain resilience and impact.


Evidence supply chain impact to customers and the wider ecosystem

From the pandemic to canal blockages, from human rights concerns to supply chain disruptions, battery supply chains face many challenges. Respond to customer, investor and industry demand for sustainable and resilient supply chain sourcing. Credibly and easily report on impact, targets and improvement across the supply chain.

Transition to low carbon and responsible supply chains

The drive to net zero means the entire supply chain must reduce and report on emissions. Stay on top of company goals, customer requirements and various standards and legislation around carbon reporting and carbon neutrality. Comply with tightening regulation and industry standards around supply chain due diligence and responsible sourcing (particularly the mining of critical materials from high conflict regions) including IRMA and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Set and align company goals with standards and regulations

The multitude of supply chain standards and regulations varies across regions and between players. Supply chain due diligence and compliance costs money which could be better spent on core business activities. Define, measure and cross-verify company targets, procurement requirements, standards and regulations all in one place.

"Car makers must collaborate across their battery supply chain to ensure impacts are managed and measured."


Rob Johnson, Infyos Advisor, ex Purchasing Director at Jaguar Land Rover

How it works

The Infyos Platform is the one-stop solution for understanding, managing and improving your battery supply chain based on your business goals.

We go beyond traceability and data to enable data-led insights and action on the ground to solve complex challenges along the supply chain.


Map and measure supply chain materials, risks and impact based on actual products and suppliers using blockchain and IoT

Intelligently assess supply chain risks and impact to understand the whole picture and decide key priorities

Define short term and long term business goals and impact targets including carbon footprint and responsible sourcing

Collaboratively engage with the supply chain to identify hotspots and implement improvements in key impact areas

Cross-verify company targets, procurement requirements, standards and regulations across the supply chain

Track and report on supply chain performance and identify risks and impacts on an ongoing basis



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Do you want to ensure supply chain sustainability is a strategic advantage and ensure genuine impact where it matters?

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